Making the Switch

When we decided to search for a material to package our products in, there were countless options available. Today, both flexible packaging supplies like stand up pouches and traditional materials like glass are very popular.

Pros And Cons Of Glass Packaging
People have been packaging products in glass containers for hundreds of years. From whiskey bottles to baby food, the types of products packaged in glass are virtually endless. Having been part of the human experience for so long, glass often produces an interesting effect on the consumer. Seen as having an air of luxury and/or vintage aesthetic, glass is often chosen for its smooth texture, non-porous attributes, hand feel, weight, and visual appeal.


  • Aesthetic And Physical Appeal
  • Air Of Luxury
  • Non-Porous
  • Infinitely Recyclable


  • Significantly Costlier Than Plastic
  •  Expensive To Make
  •  Expensive To Ship
  •  Uses Excessive Energy To Produce
  •  High Carbon Footprint
  •  Easy To Break
  •  Can Not Be Recycled If Contaminated With Adhesives (such as labels) Or Other Materials

With a large variety of materials in flexible packaging, we are able to use a package that can stand, hang or sit with ease. Basically, flexible packaging has a potential solution for every product and the packaging works to enhance the product contained within.

Stand-up pouches we decided to go with are from Copious Bags®, an eco-friendly packaging alternative to traditional glass jars. Because they are made of lightweight materials and require 75-90% less material to produce, they reduce energy consumption and produce less CO2 emissions. The lightweight construction our bags is far more economical to transport than rigid packaging which saves on fuel cost and consumption. The bags ship flat and take up less space than jars, bottles, and cans. The bags are reusable and require no additional outer packaging for retail, therefore, they drastically reduce unnecessary waste and take up far less landfill space.

Our frosted stand-up pouches are indeed 100% recyclable! 

Also, please note that all of our bags meet all the requirements of the FDA for direct contact with food and they are BPA free. In general, stand up pouches saves more resources than it consumes.



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해외 카지노사이트 추천 August 19, 2022

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Adonis August 19, 2022

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Alaan August 10, 2022

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Aali August 02, 2022

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Aaris July 27, 2022

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Azmon July 23, 2022

Aqura July 21, 2022

Nova July 13, 2022

I agree with Jen, who wrote the first comment. I’m not sure of all the details though and if the plastic jars, spray bottles, etc., will be all be able to get recycled where I live. I get it, it’s expensive to use and ship glass, I just hope this new plastic stuff lives up to your environmental claims and your “brand”
For recycling, removing a label from the glass is easy. Also they can be reused, as I have done many times when I make my own things, they come in handy.
On a separate note; since I’ve had no luck getting a response, I never received an item from my last order and no one has responded to my emails. I’d like the item I paid for. By the way, this has happened twice, with no answers. Nothing. Love your skincare but I’d like to get what I paid for and an acknowledgement that you got my message.

Jennifer A Waldron January 01, 2022

Please call it what it is: plastic. Don’t use marketing terms like “flexible packaging”. The truth is that plastic is disgustingly toxic to manufacture AND as toxic to recycle. …and I want a show of hands on how many people reuse those bags. I am very disappointed by this change. You are making glass sound like an evil anti-ecologically/environmentally friendly option with all your talk of shipping emissions. Glass is actually the safest packaging alternative, for a myriad of reasons from keeping contents fresh (good stays in, bad stays out, container itself is not toxic) to being more than reasonably upcyclable and, as you stated, infinitely recyclable. The entire post reads like an inflated excuse to justify a cheap switch. And, no, no plastic saves more resources than it consumes. None. Let’s talk about its production….

Frankly, if you are switching to plastic, your prices should drop drastically as your packaging expenses will be much less. Far less. Sadly for me, I will be saying good-bye to Modern Skyn. I am incredibly particular about what I put on my skin – and your ingredients lists have passed my scrutiny and pleased my skin. However, I am also particular about the vehicle that holds my skin care – and I do not condone plastic. When I make my own skin care I house it in glass. When I purchase ready-made skin care, a glass container is a requirement.

I was elated 2 years ago when I found a company that shared the same values I do regarding what is good and acceptable for skin and what is an absolute no. Now I am utterly disappointed.

Jen August 30, 2021

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