The Alchemy of Self Care

Self-care is known by a range of personal practices that honor, support, pamper, and even heal one's mind, body, and spirit. These practices may include things like creative movement and meditation to good nutrition and our treasured beauty rituals. Some are habits we revisit on a daily basis, while others we reserve for special occasions. Sometimes, in many cases, even simple rest and healthful eating may prove to be the best medicine for modern stressors. But this was not always the popular belief.

Until the 19th and 20th centuries, self-care was the norm by necessity, as most people heavily relied on home remedies to treat and cure themselves and their families of various ailments. It was common for families to keep a kitchen garden, in order to have easy access to nutrient-rich medicinal and cosmetic herbs readily at hand.

But with substantial advancements in science and medicine came the rise of a new public concept: the doctor as a hero figure, even something akin to a god. It was this perceived authority to which personal instinct should yield, even in regard to one's own health and well being. This idea also permeated the beauty industry. Of course, the attitude did not endure, as plenty of accounts exist of those all-knowing treatments gone terribly awry.

During the Victorian era, when disease ran rampant, many medical remedies and beauty methods proved harmful and even deadly to their trusting patients. This prompted further inquiry as to a new approach to health and healing through science, and more glorification of health care as a whole. By the mid-20th century, it could even be frowned upon for someone to try and seek their own healthful solutions before visiting a doctor.

Luckily, in our modern times, the pendulum has swayed back to center, finding a kind of medium between total self-reliance and complete dependence on traditional or alternative treatments for wellness and allure. But some things will never go out of style, such as a personal beauty ritual.

You likely have your own health and beauty regimen in place. But like a delicate Victorian flower blossom, things tend to wither if they do not evolve. That's where Modern Skyn Alchemy comes in. As purveyors of finely crafted botanical beauty products, we understand that your beauty needs come with a refined balance between your self-care practice and your self-care products. Consider enhancing and updating your personal beauty apothecary.

Spending some time with the plentiful offerings from our carefully curated catalogue, we invite you to build a fresh new ritual to pamper your face and body. Your personal beauty care cabinet should reflect your favorite scents and textures, your ideal ingredients and effects. Of course, organic and botanic are the best options for a prime look, no matter your complexion or stage in life. One of the best parts is that Modern Skyn Alchemy has done the research for you.

Our beauty collection presents an abundance of thoughtfully crafted products to pamper and nurture your body's largest organ: the skin. But more than that, it feeds your heart and soul. From aromatic Facial Cleansers to shimmering Dusting Powders, and from gentle Exfoliants to luxurious Bath Soaks, our products have been carefully composed to bring you the highest nutrient content and value.

Self-care practice involves the creation of a living, day-to-day routine that encompasses aspects of mind, body, and spirit. The alchemy of self-care lies in the magic that you make by bringing your own intuition in line with trusted input, creating a more harmonious and beautiful life. At Modern Skyn Alchemy, we bring you the finest beauty care products made in micro-batch collections, ensuring the highest possible quality. We create artisan skin care for body, soul, and peace of mind. Are you ready to make your magic?

-Dahlia Marlowe

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