ERASE Facial Cloth is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and blended with 50% eco-friendly bamboo and 50% Organic Cotton making this cloth more breathable, more absorbent, softer and dries quicker than that of 100% cotton facial cloths.

Dimensions 17"X27" 27"

Key Ingredients

Organic cotton farmers working as a part of the Better Cotton Fast Track Program use 20 percent less water than their traditional peers. 20 percent of industrial water pollution is due to textile dyeing and treatments, a figure that can greatly be reduced when factories adhere to textile standards such as GOTS.
Bamboo fabric is a natural antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and one of the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet - help save your planet
  • Birdseye weave
  • Free from toxic dyes
  • Grown without the use of Pesticides, Chemicals, Fertilizer, or Irrigation

Care Instructions Bamboo requires a little more attention when washing. Make sure the water temperature is warm and you wash on gentle cycle. Bamboo fibers are shorter than cotton, so washing in hot water can cause the linens to pill. Make sure you use mild laundry detergent and a little less than you normally would. Fibers will be weakened and your cloths won't stay soft if you use bleach. If necessary use an oxygen-based bleach to remove stains or just a bit of vinegar and water should do the trick.

When you take your facial clothes out of the washer they will feel stiff, like a canvas fabric, don't worry because this is normal. After drying them they will be back to that silky, smooth, softness you expect. We recommend setting the dryer temperature to warm but the last 10 minutes turning it to high and removing them quickly to avoid wrinkles. You might notice a little extra lint in the dryer the first couple times you wash them, this is normal. Because bamboo short fibers some will release, making them even softer.

If you must iron these use high heat with steam to make them soft and crisp.

*Fabric softener and dryer sheets are not recommended

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