Sweetheart Skincare Gift Set

$35 $50
The perfect gift for your Sweetheart! A six-piece that includes items for all your kissable body parts.

You can expect your gift set to include:

4 oz. Face Wash made with Rosewater, Vitamin E, and Neem Oil.
4 oz. Rose Face Toner made with a blend of Rose and Coconut waters.
4 oz. Rose Body Oil
Rose Scented Bath Bomb packaged in a cotton/muslin bag
8 oz. Floral Milk Bath made with dried botanicals and essential oils
1 oz. Baby's Breath Perfume oil

Packaged in a 8 x 5 Gift Box, Crinkle paper, and ribbon.

***Please note that this is a gift that is well packaged and only one gift set can be shipped in one box. If you would like multiple gift sets, please note that we will package all sets in such a way that the receiver may need to assemble the final sets. This means that the boxes will be folded, crinkle paper will be bagged and the skincare items will be bagged in sets. Once they arrive, you are responsible for assembling your boxes.***

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