Citrus and Laurel: The Code of an Ancient Olfactory Language

Have you ever caught the fine scent of something wonderful and lovely, and been overcome with good feelings for a beautiful moment? It's as if you had absorbed all that goodness through your sense of smell. What a gift it is to possess such an encounter with the transcendent.

In another circumstance, perhaps a certain scent will stir up old sensations, and conjure a powerful memory or era from your life. Often, these little moments can be spurred by a seemingly random situation or encounter, and when they pass away it is as if they never were.

Of course, scent is strongly associated with our emotions, and can affect our moods in a singular way. Citrus, for example, and particularly orange, is strongly linked to one of our favorite human emotions: the experience of pure joy.

According to the poetic musings of Vanessa Diffenbaugh's main character in her novel The Language of Flowers, orange may have been associated with the quality of generosity during the romance of Victorian times. Other meanings for the fruit include ties with love and relationships. In the feng shui tradition, orange and its uplifting scent is cued as a cheerful invitation for yang energy: strong, energetic, and radiant.

These historical associations may have a variety of differing interpretations, but it is clear that our reactions to the actual scents are very real. The bright perfume of orange is clear and inspirative, and it is also known to bring anxiety and stress levels down, even aiding our immune and digestive system functions.

Not surprisingly, orange has been utilized as a health and mood enhancer for centuries, while laurel might have had everything to do with glory and success. Laurel is an aromatic evergreen plant with a rich and interesting history. Laurel wreaths were worn by the ancient Greeks, carrying strong associations with the god Apollo. Laurel leaves are further canonized in the mystical art of tarot reading in the Chariot card. Since the plant has such strong associations with sports, the arts, and divination, laurel carries a torch for victory and winning ways.

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-Dahlia Marlowe

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