Aromatherapy Mist


Experience the healing power of our Aromatherapy Mist, crafted with all-natural ingredients and formulated by a Clinical Aromatherapist. Perfect for creating a refreshing atmosphere with no toxins or harsh chemicals, or for personal use as a fragrant body spray and linen refresher. Refresh with the benefit of nature.


Awaken Ingredients: Distilled Aqua, * Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Essential Oil,*Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil,*Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil,*Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel,*Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil

 Calming Ingredients: Distilled Aqua,*Geranium Macrorrhizum (Zdravetz) Oil.,*Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil,*Lavandula Spica Oil                    

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for an approximate shelf life of six months. To maintain color, refrigeration is advised. Any color changes over time won't affect the product's efficacy. At Modern Skyn Alchemy, we prioritize accurate ingredient information. While we strive for precision on our website, ingredient lists may change. For the most accurate details, refer to the packaging. Your trust in our transparency means a lot.

Prior to purchasing essential oils, research is crucial. Some oils aren't recommended during pregnancy or nursing, and all ingredients are clearly listed on labels and our site. Avoid any ingredients you're allergic or sensitive to. Remember, these products aren't meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.







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