A New You: The Gentle Powers of Exfoliation

The blossoming Springtime is one of the great moments to toss away those things that no longer serve us. From cleaning frenzies to extreme makeovers, there are plenty of ways to celebrate adopting a New You. But this ritual should not be reserved only for the Spring. It is good to adopt a habit of ridding yourself of anything in life that is not working well for you anymore. And if Springtime is the time of renewal, Summer is the time to reveal. What better way to shed old skin than with self-reinvention?

The process of reinventing oneself does not have to be as dramatic as a total makeover, a radical career change, or relocating to a remote cabin in the woods. Reinvention can happen on a daily basis as you practice your treasured self care ritual amidst home's plentiful comforts. In the simple act of washing away the stress of the day, you are in effect pressing a 'reset' button in your mind and body that will help you stay the course for life's ongoing demands. Or, you could let all responsibilities melt away, and just set aside some time for yourself. Wherever the day's path may take you, you will find a great benefit to incorporating an exfoliant in your daily routine.

Exfoliation is the process of gently removing those no-longer-needed skin cells that sit atop the skin's surface, to reveal fresh cells awaiting their day in the sun. Our Bergamot and Lime Sea Polish creates a heavenly, complex scent combination, leaving a hint of healthful hydration and an oceanic glow on thirsty skin. This body polish can be massaged over the body in circular motions to bring about a New You, beautifully.

For those times when you seek a deeper clean, our Detoxifying Exfoliant with Activated Charcoal to pulls toxins out and away from the pores. A deep facial cleanse is simply a wonderful release and can help reveal a more vibrant complexion, revitalizing and inspiring your day. Although it includes Activated Charcoal as a primary ingredient, this exfoliant will not create dryness in the skin.  

Of course, your lips need some of that love, too, and our Rose Lip Polish will do just the trick. As a preparatory step to your favorite lip care ritual, you can use it as a preliminary process while you primp for a night on the town. Or, use it to gently scrub away the day as a cozy evening's end.

This shedding of second skin is how we make room for the new in our lives. Like a powerful creature in the wild shedding parts that no longer serve, let a new season bloom around you and in you. A quality exfoliant will aid in this transformative process.

At Modern Skyn Alchemy, we bring you the best in cosmetic finery, always crafted in small batches and with something for everyone. Our aim is to help make you look and feel your best with artisan skin care designed for body, soul, and peace of mind.

-Dahlia Marlowe

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