An Update from Our Founder

Hello, Everyone!!!!

I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been what any of us expected. It seems like this year has been memorable, but not in a good way. 

COVID 19 has been a true test for all of us. For me, 2020 has been very challenging. In January of this year, I was rediagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, it was caught earlier than my first diagnosis. At the time, I was informed that I would be needing a mastectomy. As I was preparing for the surgery with tests and appointments, everything was halted in March. I’m sure you can imagine the stress and fear I was feeling. 

As others were losing their jobs, Modern Skyn became busier than ever. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have a business and for that, thank you! Thank you for your loyalty, thank you for waiting sometimes weeks for an order to arrive. Thank you for being patient and thank you for the kind emails of support. 

On August 13, I finally had a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I am working part-time and currently have a team working diligently to get your orders out as quickly as possible. We do understand your frustration but ask for patience. 

Please, if your order is a rush, please call me immediately at (747) 203-2885 so that we can confirm if all products are in stock and ready for shipping. As for all other orders, please expect up to 10 day turnaround time. We are slowly closing that gap, but it has been challenging. 

Some other issues that have come up are COVID. The raw material is taking longer to receive if we are able to receive it at all. Many of our suppliers are out of stock of essential oils, herbs, etc. Another issue is shipping items to us and then to you has taken much longer than before. Again, we are sorry for this, and working hard to find creative ways to continue to serve each and every one of you. 

All remaining Ritual Boxes are scheduled to be shipped by tomorrow (9/8/20). If you have not received your shipping confirmation, you can expect one emailed this week. All online orders are being packaged and shipped out. In order to ship as soon as possible, we are refunding any items that are out of stock and shipping the remaining items to you. 
Modern Skyn is up and running, but at a slower pace. This is only temporary. We now have a team here ready to serve you and are simply organizing our company to provide you with a more streamlined, faster order process. 

We hope you understand and promise to keep everyone updated. 

Thank you all and stay safe. 


I’m so grateful for you and your small company. I love your products and so far, your soap bar has been the only one our new baby has known! I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but what strength & perseverance! Good vibes for continued recovery.

Hope November 28, 2020

You are awesome and your products are awesome. Believing for complete healing for you! All the best!

kim bettenf October 22, 2020

I placed an order on 9/22/20 and was wondering when I will be receiving this order? Could you
let me know. Thanks.


Robbie October 13, 2020

Thank you for your diligence! I’m glad all that surgery is behind you! May the Lord bless you, your family and your business.

Dina Keough September 27, 2020

Blessings to you and your have done an awesome job. I love your boxes.

Denise Frechette September 16, 2020

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