How to Help Small Businesses without Spending Money

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for all the small business love and support, especially as this holiday season winds to an end. 

Spreading love and kindness + Supporting other small businesses has never been more important than it is today. Not only for us, but for our economy as well.

A few simple things you can do to support any small business without spending a penny:

  • Give that 5 star rating, it never been more important than it is now.
  • Comment that heart emoji, it means more than you think, as far as algorithms are concerned. 
  • Visit the website - SEO and google have analytics just like Instagram.
  • Comment on a blog post, maybe you'll start an amazing discussion + help get traffic to the website!
  • Be patient with shipping and turn around times. Small businesses, like ours, have products often handmade to order. Not to mention it is the holiday season, and the on going pandemic that can impact orders.

We understand that social media isn’t for everyone, but if you can spare that comment or like, know that it goes farther than you think, in more ways than one I can promise! This includes any small business that has a social media platform.

Algorithms can also take a toll on small businesses. That is why engaging with posts goes such a long way. It lets the app know this is a page you enjoy, so in turn, when you interact with our posts, you're much more likely to see them in the future. Your friends and family are as well!

Engaging with posts creates a huge ripple effect, that can have so many wonderful implications for small creators + crafters. 

A reminder that, once it ships, it's out of our hands

Like many small businesses, there are several factors out of our control. Turn around time when it comes to shipping is one of them.

When any small business receives negative feedback, not regarding the product, but time or shipping, it can place a little ping on the inside of you, wondering what you could have done differently to make your shipment arrive faster, or have zero flaws in the process.

However, just like life, nothing is perfect or goes according to plan 100% of the time.  So, when any small business receives some unfortunate feedback regarding shipping times, it can impacted anyone emotionally and on the virtual level, given it was out if our hands once it has been shipped.

If you are a fellow small business owner, then you understand, however, if you are not, we wanted to remind our loyal and wonderful customers that:

It is the Holiday season, as well as the ongoing pandemic and that has continuously impacted turn around dates.

That is why we are very grateful and thank you for your patience. Not just with us and our Postal system. Our postal workers have been working round the clock to make sure everyone receives their packages safe and timely.

But more importantly, on the Modern Skyn side,

We hand- craft in small batches, often made to order, all of the products we send to you.

They have no preservatives, no additives and 100% certified organic ingredients + handmade in small batches

It is our number 1 priority that we put out products that give you a peace of mind when used. Far too many synthetic ingredients have been added to our daily routine. It's is so important to us that the consumer feels happy and safe using our products, knowing they are getting the best quality possible.

That’s why we ask that you respect our 10 day maximum turn around time.

More likely than not you can expect your shipment in 2-5 business days, but for  special products or orders, it may take a bit longer.

We thank you for your understanding and continuous support for our small, woman owned, artisan skin care brand. 

Even if you can't buy a product, remember there are still ways to keep small businesses alive and support your favorite local products without spending any dime!

Like that post, comment that emoji thumbs up, save that picture, look at that website and have fun doing it, knowing you're making a difference!

We truly wouldn't be here without all of you <3 

Stay Safe, Stay Kind,

Modern Skyn Family


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서울오피 August 01, 2022

I absolutely love your products. I appreciate the time and love you put into every batch. Keep up the great work.

Felicia Lloyd September 20, 2021

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