Waterless beauty is one of the most talked-about trends of 2021, and here at Modern Skyn Alchemy, we hope it’s here to stay.


Waterless beauty is a hot topic with industry insiders. In simple terms, it means products that are free from water. Instead, products are bursting with botanical ingredients and oils, banishing the need for preservatives and unnecessary fillers.


Going green doesn’t end when you pull the plug on long showers and overindulgent baths. It’s about going green with your beauty products too!

Water is becoming increasingly scarce. Now the beauty world is exploring ways to develop innovative, concentrated products packed with goodness, while preserving the world’s reservoirs. We think it’s a win-win situation.


Going waterless means your skin reaps more benefits from the products you use, because they're not diluted.

Our ROSE BODY POLISH is a favorite with the team at Modern Skyn Alchemy HQ. A blend of rose, coconut oils and pedals is packed with pure goodness and no nasties. It’s simply organic sugar and unrefined oils – and with no H2O, your skin will be thirsty for more in no time.


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